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Meagan [userpic]

(no subject)

December 8th, 2010 (01:39 am)

current mood: accomplished


99.9% of my journal is locked!

Meagan [userpic]

And I will probably regret this but.....PROMPT ME!

December 7th, 2010 (07:48 pm)

Okay I've got 30, but am aiming for 50!

001. Pregnancy Test 002.Alcohol 003.Funeral 004.Puppy love 005.Gloves
006. Evidence 007.Hero 008.Magic 009.Clean 010.Secret
011.Superstition 012.Piggybank 013.Jealous 014.Tease 015.Storm
016.Strawberries 017.Weapon 018.Beach 019.Lost 020.Cry
021.Freak Out 022.Blood 023.Vacation 024.Taxi 025.Search
026.Pills 027.Lawyers 028.Lipstick 029.Candy 030.Circus
031.Bouquet 032.Capture 033.Break the Fall 034.Back Up 035.Misplaced
036.Too Far 037.Medicine 038.See-through 039.Lies 040.Around

So if it's not on the list and you want to see it done...prompt me! Be sure to include a fandom! The more specific the better. I'll do any fandom I ship, past or present. You can find a list in my profile. I might consider going outside of my comfort zone as well;)

Meagan [userpic]

(no subject)

February 8th, 2010 (09:59 pm)

Title: Family Dinner
Author: Incrowder
Summary: A family dinner. A one-shot, crack and fluffy fic.
Rating: PG
Note: For kanjo_girl and her request of Chloe/Ollie with the prompt misplaced. I'm currently taking prompts on my journal! Feel free to submit one.

Family DinnerCollapse )

Meagan [userpic]

(no subject)

November 4th, 2009 (08:12 am)

Vienna, Milan, Venice, Zagreb, Plitvice, and Budapest......Gone until Monday.

Meagan [userpic]

I am horrible!

February 17th, 2008 (02:41 pm)

current mood: thoughtful

How many times can a person say something, never do it, and still expect people to believe them? I am horrible at responding to people, I rarely check anyones journal, when I do look I most of the time don't comment, and I have been slow to update mine. I want to say again that I really do mean too, its just I don't have time. Okay, so if I watch a little less shows then yes, I'd have time. But right now I'm really busy doing the following:

-Work. While I love my job, the family is super amazing, I have been working longer hours (not that I really mind) but iit means being at work, and when I'm finished I'm tired. Literally all I do all day is walk around. I put Leni in her stroller and from 9-11 we are walking around the city here. Then in the afternoon Jane and I take all the kids out to the park, where we have to play with them....needless to say I am not 3 so my energy level isn't what it use to be!

-School. I have a love/hate relationship with school. I love Criminology, but HATE the amount of work that has gone into this semester alone. Normally I'm the type of person who won't study, but this semester I thought I'd really crack down and read the material and things...while it hadn't really helped I feel like I'm gaining more insight into my field. Although I haven't narrowed down what I want to do in the field.

-Real Life. I don't know what I want to do. I leave Germany in July. I have a job in Maryland (between Baltimore and D.C) but I don't want to be a nanny. I can't get a real job, because it will be my last year at school therefore I must focus and I couldn't get a job in my field without a B.A., so my choices are limited. I have considered going to South America, maybe doing so work in Bolivia or Hondouras volunteering, but the more I think about it the more I think that maybe S.A isn't as safe as I think and therefor maybe I don't want to go. At the same time I really would like to live in Europe, more so Italy. But then I can't even begin to imagine who would hire me with my poor language skills because I would not be going back as an au pair! So I have no idea what I want to do nor where I want to do it.

-Travel. I just came back today from a weekend in Prague. My weekends are now spent traveling, mainly around Germany, but pretty soon further out. I feel as though I haven't taken in much of Europe even though I have been here a year. What's really sad is I haven't been to many towns in Germany, maybe three, and I've been here 6 months. So I am spending the majoriy of my time traveling around, taking both time and energy.

-TV. With the writers strike it has introduced me to so many new shows: NCIS, Prison Break, Convicted, CSI-NY...and I am the type of person who gets hooked and has to watch them all back to back, therefor killing all my free time.

So there are the reason why I officially am horrible. I want to be a better friend I do. But it probably isn't going to happen.I have no more free time to write fics, I am no longer vidding, and I doubt I ever will catch up writing to people. I really like to correspond by pen and paper, so I will respond to my friends that way before email and such. There are so of you that I really enjoy talking to and miss talking with you an insane amount...there are others that I haven't gotten to know and that sucks. I feel if your going to have to "listen" to me rattle on we should at least has some form of a friendship. Needless to say it would be easy for me to say that today I am going to start responding and such in a timely fashion...but that is also like saying I will give up flavored milk and loose ten pounds this month; doesn't look like it will happen. Feel free to cut me if you think I'm a lost cause, badger me that I need to grow up and find time to chat, or whatever else you might want. While I'd love to spend hours chatting it isn't going to happen!

This isn't some morbid I'm leaving thing, more like an explanation, if you will. I really do like everyone on my flist!

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